2017 Group ExhibitionARTival, Akasha Art Projects, Toronto | Thomas Brasch, Paul Dotey, Chris Ironside, Kelly Kyle, Sarah Hunter, Gunar Roze, Mark Gleberzon, Kevin Cherry, Richard Rhyme

2017 Two-Person Exhibition2Fik : Histoire au Pluriel, Le Livart, Montreal | 9:41 video of 2Fik shot at Honest Ed's in Toronto, installed in a confessional for viewing

2016 Group ExhibitionLondon Pride Exhibition, London, Ontario

2016 Group Exhibition10X10 Photography Exhibition, curated by James Fowler, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto | featuring portraits by HEARTBEATS (Karen Campos Castillo & Vivek Shraya), James Fowler, N. Maxwell Lander, Kelly McCray, Wynne Neilly, Richard Rhyme, Gun Roze, Damian Siqueiros, John Webster, and Adam Zivo

2016 Group ExhibitionThe Look of Love, curated by Mark Gleberzon of MJG Gallery,  Akasha Art Projects, Toronto | R. Kelly Clipperton, Mark Gleberzon, Stev'nn Hall, Shelagh Howard, Sandy Middleton, Geoff Elliot Simpson, Richard Rhyme

2015 Group ExhibitionARTival, Akasha Art Projects, Toronto

2015 Group Exhibition PreviewARTATTACK!, Akasha Art Projects, Toronto

2014 Group ExhibitionAll About Queer Film,a partnered exhibition with Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, held at Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto

2014 Group ExhibitionNuit Rose, a queer contemporary art event to celebrate World Pride 2014, Toronto

2013 Group ExhibitionToronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is Toronto’s first, largest, and longest running juried outdoor art fair, since 1961.

1998 One Of A Kind Show, Victoria

1998 Vancouver Gift Show, Vancouver



Nocturne Blue - 'I Came for the Light and Stayed for the Shadows' - live abstracts / listening video features a segment from the 2016 film, "le mystère des dix méchants"

Normand Babin, Music for Ballet Class

Normand Babin, Music for Ballet Class

Photography, graphic design, layout for series of albums for artist Normand Babin.

CJSR 88.5 FM, Edmonton
Weekly Radio Show: Slumberland

CBC Television, ZeD, Pulse Synchronicity: The Last Sixty Seconds of a Human Life, 1 minute interstitial film

CBC Televison, ZeD, Live Off The Floor, compact disc recording, centrefold image. Produced by Jon Siddall, 2003

CBC ZeD, Live Off The Floor CD

CBC ZeD, Live Off The Floor CD

Track listing:

  1. Take 5, Winterdub
  2. BrassMunk, Big
  3. Sam Roberts, This is How I Live
  4. Tegan & Sara, Monday Monday Monday
  5. The Weakerthans, Left and Leaving
  6. Boy, French Diplomacy
  7. The Waifs, London Still
  8. Kris Demeanor, Extreme To Me
  9. Medusa, Cold Piece of Work
  10. Cinematic Orchestra, Evolution
  11. Buck 65, The Centaur
  12. Patrick Watson, Shame
  13. Girl Nobody, Paper Doll
  14. Radiogram, Whisky in My Bed
  15. The Organ, Untitled
  16. The Floor, Catastrophe
  17. Nasty On, The Ship That Died of Shame


2014 Nuit Rose, a queer contemporary art event

2017 Nuit Rose, a queer contemporary art event


Toronto Park People

Park Friends Group Guidebook, Toronto Alliance for Better Parks

Photos: Cover, Page 4


Photo: pg. 27, Douglas Coupland’s The Museum for the End of the World, nuit blanche Toronto

IN Toronto Magazine

Photos: Green Space Festival launch

ONLINE PUBLICATIONS (short selection)


Photos: Our Date With the Trashiest Drag Kings, Queens and Weirdos | John Waters Trash Bash


Photos: images from The Village Study Jane's Walk, Church Street, Toronto

Heart of the Flag Federation (HOTFF)

Producers of Toronto Leather Pride and Toronto Bound Events | Photos: Toronto Leather Pride 2014, Toronto Leather Pride 2013, Toronto's first ever Leather Pride Parade/March


One-Year Countdown to the 2015 Pan Am Games | Photo: Trampolinist Samantha Sendel

Spotted: Jumping for Joy at the Pan Am Countdown Launch | Photo: Trampolinist Samantha Sendel


One-Year Countdown to the 2015 Pan Am Games |Photo: Trampolinist Samantha Sendel

Pan Am Games tickets go on sale today in Toronto |Photo: Trampolinist Samantha Sendel

Fab Magazine

A new kind of Pride: Tunes columnist Phil Villeneuve spins at a protest march and gets glittery

Chicago Literati

Shana East discusses her new female-driven, all-inclusive Twin Peaks fan community for Chicago Literati | Photo: Shana East

Hideout Chicago

Photo: Girl Group Chicago

Chicago Reader

Music editor Philip Montoro on Girl Group Chicago |Photo: Girl Group Chicago at The Hideout

Girl Group Chicago

Shimmy In The New Year |Photo: Girl Group Chicago

Welcome to Twin Peaks

Photos: Los Hipsters de Twin Peaks photo set from 2012 Twin Peaks Festival, North Bend, WA

Photos: Twin Peaks Reunion With Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee & Sherilyn Fenn At Fan Expo Canada

Smoking Lily

Photo: image of Smoking Lily founder Trish Tacoma and Julian Finkel, owner of  Model Citizen

Dyke March Toronto

Photo: Honoured Dyke Andrea Houston


Photo: Red Dress Productions, open studio at The 519 Community Centre for “Flux” Community Mosaic

Damn Fine Coffee

Photos: Twin Peaks Fest 2012

I’ve had my work blessed by a priest and installed in a confessional.
— my resume, 2017
Looking at your photographs reminds me of watching a Jodorowsky film: or an extreme sci-fi B-flick. And I mean that in the best way. Your work is odd, cinematic, and always intriguing.
— LensCulture
Your style is very unique and I like that. When I watch your pictures sometimes I suppose, you know, where to find the white rabbit...knock, knock.
— Jörg Lange
You always manage to make everywhere you go look like you.
— user comment on Flickr